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BPD Case Study

Vote by Mail Campaign

Blue Perigon Digital helped a third-party voter registration organization register Democrats to vote by mail in several New Jersey counties. Democratic vote-by-mail registration was 50% higher in targeted counties compared to their neighboring counties.

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Integrated Strategy

Blue Perigon Digital ran a digital campaign consisting of digital ads, text messages, and email to a list of voters in counties with close margins between Republican and Democratic voters. We targeted Democrats who were registered to vote – but not to vote by mail – encouraging them to do so. 


Our campaign included content that emphasized the ease and convenience of voting by mail, as well as a social pressure campaign emphasizing the fact that many neighbors are voting by mail or have already voted by mail. 


Throughout the campaign, Blue Perigon created 72 different Facebook ads, 70 SMS messages, and 42 emails.

“We won everything we needed to, including some really hard ones tonight. Nearly all of our positive results were within the margin of votes by mail... So thanks again for helping to make that possible.” 

- Campaign Strategist

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